Monday, September 6, 2010

Last Days of Summer

The SUN! Natural lighting works wonders for your appearance but it is also very bright. Very very bright. Squinting....
Urban Behavior crop top. Urban Outfitters cutoffs. Forever 21 silver bracelets. String bracelets from Mexico. Charlotte Russe boots.

You can tell I edited the middle photo to make me less dark but it looks kinda crappy... my photoshop skills are somewhat lacking. You can also see the adjuster thing from my tripod in that photo, oops! In other news I am so ready for cold weather, as much fun as it is to expose my pale stomach to the world. And yes that is "my" beloved car behind me. I won't be taking it to college....


  1. You have beautiful hair!

  2. hawwwtttttttt. seriously. you look so good! haha. oh and nice tripod. lolz.

  3. you are so stunning, I love your hair!

    your blog is fabulous.

  4. nice pics ;)

  5. Gimme those shorts gal :)
    Love the outfit!

  6. Really like the short! :)