Saturday, September 4, 2010

All Is Fine and Good

After taking many gross, disgusting photos, I managed to get some decent ones, whoo! Despite the fact that my parents were fixing the headlights on my (shared) car nearby. I know nothing about the yellow paint on the front bumper, I swear! But seriously I have no idea how it got there....
J. Crew t-shirt. Black Milk lace flares. Forever 21 silver bracelets. String bracelets from Mexico. Rings, Forever 21, Claire's, thrifted. Dolce Vita for Target boots.

When I saw these lace flares by Black Milk, I knew I had to have them (bookmark name: GETTINGTHIS). The only problem is they don't have built-in butt coverage, so I had to throw on some tap shorts to make them school-appropriate. I had a hard time deciding what shirt to wear with these, and I think I might have had more options other than baggy v-necks in varying shades of white and gray if it wasn't so darn hot out. I ended up with this charcoal one, which I actually really despise even though I technically like it (see, I love the color charcoal, and baggy t-shirts, but both can look so drab on). Anyway. Pointy-toed shoes are a win.


  1. These pictures turned out so well. hawt. Can I plzzzz borrow your flares?

  2. I've been meaning to get lace flares for myself! Super cute photos!

  3. I love these! And the flares look great on you lady.
    I wish I could pull those bad girls off.

    x x x x Liv

  4. lace.... flares... excuse me as i hyperventilate while staring at their beauty. I WANT SOME

  5. Cute!!! I must blog these...

  6. Your flaaaaares ! I've never seen something like this before, great purchase ;).

  7. holy crap! those flares are awesome!! x

  8. oh stupid blogger. i wrote something really lovely aswell.
    yes anyway.
    that first photo with you on the ledge (sp) is the most beautiful photo i've seen in a long while.
    xx(copies incase comment deleting not working thing happens again)

  9. I've been looking for lace flares ever since i saw Rumi wearing them on fashion toast, before that I never knew they existed! I hope Black Milk delivers to Canada.

    Can you tell me if they are long? I'm almost 5'9 and need long pants...

    those pants are really gorg!!!!!