Spectacular views.

Friday, September 23, 2011

who are they, anyway?

Zara dress. Thrifted white leather jacket. Forever 21 black leather jacket. Sperry Topsiders/Hunter boots.

I had to change this outfit around a bit because turns out today is cold and rainy. Ew, gross. Ohio weather may be even more schizophrenic than Mass weather....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Forever 21 top, maxi skirt, necklace. Sperry Topsider shoes.

I'm going to try documenting my outfits again! What fun.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Business in the Front, Party in the Back

Couldn't resist the title. Because that's what this sweater is all about.
Forever 21 sweater, skirt, and hair bows. Aldo's socks. Sperry Topsiders boat shoes.

My style has gotten much less "edgy" lately... but that's okay, I get bored if I do one thing for too long! I like being cute. Or at least imagining in my head that I am cute. Anyway, I am in love with these socks:

Monday, September 13, 2010

So Miu Miu!

The weather is kind of gray and cloudy today, but I really don't mind because that means I can wear more fall-type clothes, like this sweatshirt top thing that I just got. I went shopping yesterday and got quite a good amount of stuff. How long until I spend all the money I made this summer? I just love buying clothes.... Such a shopping addict! Anyway this skirt is much more green in real life. Like olive green.
My entire outfit is Forever 21. Whatttt. At least I like cheap clothes.

I love these heels so much! Like everyone else, I've been stalking the real Miu Mius for a while and when I saw a single pair of lookalikes sitting on the shelf at F21 I was like, snag! The quality may be questionable, but for $26 it is so worth it. They're pretty comfortable but stairs are difficult, I made a loud clomping noise that all my friends were quite eager to point out. Probably because I called them midgets. Love you guys!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Start With Fresh Orange Juice and Finish With Grey Goose

I am kind of having issues right now from staying up late last night and then waking up early for no reason and then having to babysit tonight. But never mind. Coffee makes everything better. (Aside: a year ago I couldn't even drink coffee because I thought it was gross, and now I like to drink it black sometimes, and never have cream or sugar [just milk]. The lady at Dunkin Donuts last night was impressed. I was like, your coffee isn't even that strong. Anyway, at this point I'm just talking.)
Forever 21 shirt. Zara shorts. Rayban sunglasses. Timex watch. Converse sneakers.

I meant to get a watch for my job this summer, but it never happened. I finally got one today, and it's a kind of crappy men's one but I like it anyway.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Fading Light

Sun! Forgive me for saying you were too bright a few posts back! Taking photos without you is much, much worse. Even with the photographic help of the lovely Victoire. Basically, everything was blurry, dull, and, due to the long exposure necessary in the low light, my eyes tended to be fully or partially closed in a good amount of the pictures. Luckily, I was able to use my quite extensive knowledge of Photoshop (levels, curves, saturation, um...) to fix them up a bit. The graininess I could do nothing about. On another note, notice how you can't see any random cars or buildings in these photos. That's the magic of having someone who actual knows what they're doing taking pictures.
Forever 21 USC t-shirt and leather shorts (hey, also wore those last post...). Target tights. Dolce Vita for Target buckle boots.

My entire outfit is from Target and Forever 21. Not intentionally. Because I'm just that cool.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Cowboy Up

I'm trying to order my senior pictures, which I got done at the beginning of the summer, and are probably deleted by now (oh shhh) but the site won't work. What is this, seriously? Anyway....
J. Crew button-down. Forever 21 leather shorts. Rings: Forever 21, thrifted, Wet Seal, Claire's. Wet Seal wedges (don't you love the stylishhh stores I shop at?).

I love wearing heels to school so I can tower over my friends who are annoyingly an inch or two taller than me. I'm 6 feet in these babies! I also love the way the platforms create the illusion that you're floating. However, I don't love running to class in these! Need to be on time this year....
My toe is escaping, wtf. Oh well.