Sunday, August 29, 2010

Mystic Heather Is So Fail.

I've been considering dying my hair for quite a while, but I've always liked my natural hair color too much (er, been too chicken) to actually do something with it. My hair is ridiculously long right now, so I thought it might be a good idea to dye the tips. My friend Victoria convinced me to actually do it, and did her hair as well.

with the bleach in....
Putting in the dye....
We let it absorb while we watched Jersey Shore, aka the best show ever. Then we rinsed the dye out, and... none of the purple stayed in. So, in short, the tips of my hair are now bleached. It looks better than I would have thought, though. I dyed it again later, leaving the dye in for longer, and it stayed a pretty pastel lilac for two shampoos. Ripoff!

I do intend on doing outfit posts, once school starts in like two days. For now I just got back from vacation and am about to tour like three colleges....


  1. Too bad the color didn't take. Your hair IS super long.

  2. That's one of there tougher colors because it's a pastel, not a neon. Your hair has to be whiteeeeeeeeeeeee and you have to keep it in for like 24 hours. Their blues last foreverrr.